Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freiburg 10-11 / Away

(Click to open in 1104 x 900 px)
Club: Sport-Club Freiburg
Kit Manufacturer: Nike 
Main Sponsor: Ehrmann


Rui Saraiva said...

Hi Chewbacca, i have a request to you, if its possible, of course!
Can you send me your old template the template that you draw the champions league final kits!
I have my blog and i am using a template, but, i think that your old template was the best i see, and if you not use them, peraps i can!
it is possible??

Answer me in

if you want! and great congratulations for your work! its awsome!


chewbacca..! said...

Hi Rui, tell me wich one and i'll send it to you.

Rui Saraiva said...

If you can send me the Eintracht Frankfurt 1959-1960 template, i will be apreciated!

Tank you!

chewbacca..! said...

aight Rui, check ur email later.